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Well this blog lost all chronological order once I arrived in Amsterdam. You can interpret that as you like, but it’s mostly because stuff keeps popping up that I need to write about right away. This one is for Christof from Albania, and his group of friends.

I’m back at my favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam - Coffeeshop Little. Last time here Nick and I visited this place every day at some point. In my mind, it had the perfect balance - the Little was never packed with tourists, but ones did wander in (myself included) often enough to keep things interesting. It took me a few days to get here because I’ve been working on the boat, but now that I have a bike, its a breeze. Glad to be back in friendly surroundings. Sat down next to a group of 6 people who appeared to be fellow travelers and were speaking English (always a bonus).

Good enough for me! I took a seet in the booth next to them and got comfortable (Hot Chocolate, WiFi password, etc). GOOD DECISION. I love this place. Naturally eavesdropping on the group next to me, I hear that for Chris (later to be named Christof from Albania), it is his first experience with pot. As Afroman’s “And Then I Got High” comes on in the shop, well… he got high, haha. He also really enjoyed loudly explaining exactly how he was thinking/feeling, and that was truly for the benefit of everyone.

You know that feeling when your chests expands against your rib cage while breathing deep? That is happening to me right now, but with the music

The asides in italics are all quotes of his as I wrote this entry. We met and I ended up going back with them for a drink at their hostel. When I let them know that I had a blog and was taking notes, they all asked for the URL to read about it.

We’re in the middle of an arthouse film. Can we have the music just a little louder?

It is very difficult to convey in words how the next hour went. Chris was center stage and loving it, conversing mostly with his friends but also with the tender and every other customer in the place at some point. Many wise and poetic things were said, and also a few totally inane comments that I simply couldn’t piece together. He joked around with the… tender? like bar-tender, but for an Amsterdam coffee shop?... anyways - joked around with him, conversed with everyone in the place at least once, and also got into a strange and somewhat incomprehensible exchange with an assumed local in the shop:

I’m from Bart. Butt? BaRt! Butt? Garrrgl. Chris tells him his name and 8.5 minutes later, it was somehow transformed into Christof from Albania! None of us are sure how that happened.

Confirmed afterwards, the majority of us were having trouble telling if he was speaking English, Dutch, or some Eastern European language, but we think he continued to switch it up, just to keep us guessing.

I was just nominated as “Mediator of All Things”, or whether something is real or not. Time travel and memory chopping have been deemed NOT REAL thus far, but I don’t remember much else being outlawed.

“There is too much happening right now… But I am keen to thunder on down thru the horizon”

Chris’s magical trip petered out soon after I became mediator, and nothing much else occurred. Drinks, laughs, Regular Nintendo games, etc, but being there with Chris exploring this new plane was the best.

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Magical man, you have delivered the holy grail, the last piece of the puzzle, proving beyond your reconstituted business card in my breast pocket, that yoi are real. Thank you and much cosmic love -Chris

by Chris

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